Saturday, July 24, 2004

States Cut Health Insurance for 145,000 Kids

from Reuters
Some 145,000 poor children were dropped from a U.S. federal-state health insurance plan in the second half of 2003, with more than half the cuts made by Texas, a health-care research foundation said on Friday.


Sheryl said...

Half the cuts in Texas. :-( Blech. I guess you know that the Republicans have a stranglehold on our state government here as well. Texas sure sucks these days. This country sucks too.

We used to have Ann Richards for governor here. She was the coolest. Made me proud to be a Texan. Kind of like Bill Moyers, you know? But these wankers in power now are every bit as depressing as the Bush crowd.

I don't suppose you have seen any positive news in your search for interesting things to report, have ya? For some reason things are getting to me today.

Or why not a blog entry about your upcoming tour? That could be positive.

J.R. Boyd said...

The good news is that the trend can be reversed, easily enough. It just requires some effort by us.

Sheryl said...

Thanks. It's good hear that once and while.