Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Fun with Murderous Historical Revisionism!

from Remain Calm
Before the assault on Fallujah...

"If they do not turn in al-Zarqawi and his group, we will carry out operations in Fallujah," [US-selected Iraqi "interim" Prime Minister Iyad] Allawi told the interim National Council on Wednesday. "We will not be lenient."

After the assault on Fallujah

"We never expected them to be there. We're not after Zarqawi. We're after insurgents in general," [Marine Major General Richard] Natonski[, who designed the ground attack,] said.

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Sheryl said...

Excellent point. It has been a game of historical revisionism. I have been calling hypocrisy, but historical revisionism is probably a better term for it. Because it is clearly well crafted PR, exploiting people's memory skills (or lack thereof.)

I guess it's their memory skills, probably also people's desire to think they haven't been duped.