Monday, November 08, 2004

Have Nader Challenge the Votes!

There is hope! Voters fraud has been exposed in Ohio and NH. Nader was on the ballot in both of those states. Although Kerry conceded, Nader can still challenge/contest the votes, call for a re-count and possible sway the election.

There is evidence of MASSIVE fraud from republican districts. Check out Randy Rhodes' website from Air America radio - she goes more into it, but the fact is, if we can convince Nader to contest those votes, we may still have, if only slightly, a chance. Below is a sample email to send...draft your own if it suits you. Nader can be reached at: (email) OR(ph) 202-265-4000 OR (fax) 202-265-0183 OR PO Box 18002; Washington, DC 20026

Dear Mr. Nader,
I am writing to you concering voter fraud in Ohio and New Hampshire. Evidence is coming forth that Republican districts cheated by falsifying voter returns in these two states. Although John Kerry has conceded, you could still challenge those results and influence a very close and very crucial election.

Please do not let your spirit of democracy, justice and truth die with this election. Chllenge the results in those states you were on the ballot!

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Sheryl said...

Thanks again for the heads up on this, Ryan!!! Even if it doesn't work, I like the idea of not going down without a fight. Did I say that right? Anyway, you get the idea. :)

I sent it to loads of friends, and I wrote most of them individually, so they get that important person feeling from the email that people prefer. I should post that in Sean's blog as well. I don't think he reads his email. I'll do that tomorrow.

Anyway, off to bed.