Monday, August 16, 2004

Bush blew it the morning of 9/11, by Bill Maher

from NY Daily News
The fact that Bush wasted 27 minutes that day--not only the seven minutes reading to kids but 20 more at a photo op afterward--was, in my view, the most outrageous thing a President has done since Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court.


DeanSMS said...

You assumed that President Bush commands alone that he doesn't have reliable Secretaries and assistants to take assignments from him.

The better Presidents assigned jobs others. The poor Presidents had to micro-managed every bloody details.

J.R. Boyd said...

I agree with you that commanding would have been appropriate.

TheRadicalModerate said...

I agree with Maher on this. A good president does not presume everything is being handled by aides. He makes sure it is! However, I also don't buy Moore's insipid suggestions as to what Bush was thinking.