Friday, August 06, 2004

China Reacts to Homeland Security Beating

from The Week Magazine
China this week demanded that the U.S. conduct a high-level investigation into the beating of a Chinese tourist by a U.S. Homeland Security inspector. The tourist, businesswoman Zhao Yan, was visiting Niagara Falls when the American officer, Robert Rhodes, threw her against the wall of an inspection station, knocked her head on the floor, and beat her up. Rhodes said he mistakenly thought she was the companion of a man who had just been caught with marijuana. Pictures of a black and blue Zhao, her eyes swollen shut, dominated newspapers in her home province of Tianjin and prompted angry denunciations of the U.S. “I have been to many countries for business purposes,” Zhao told the Beijing China Daily, “and the United States is the most barbarous.” Rhodes has been charged with violating the woman’s civil rights.
This from The Los Angeles Times
Shopping at a Tianjin supermarket Wednesday, Zhang Weihao said women were not humiliated this way in China. "Women are supposed to be respected everywhere in the world," he said. "But apparently not in America."

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Sheryl said...

Just for the record, was this woman one of the dangerous marajuana terrorists planning to sabatoge our next election ?

Now that I understand what a viscious crowd we're dealing with, I can see why we might want to postpone the elections. Can you imagine what having all these asian businesswomen running around when we are trying vote might mean?

Think about it. How are they supposed to obstruct black voters from getting to the polls in Florida if they are busy having to beat up asian tourists?