Friday, August 13, 2004

Independent Agency to Monitor US Election

from The Week Magazine
The OSCE, which promotes democracy and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, routinely sends observers to watch selected polling places in its 55 member nations, of which the U.S. is one. Most often, it evaluates elections in the former Soviet bloc or in trouble spots like Northern Ireland; this marks the first time a U.S. presidential election is being monitored.


Sheryl said...

Are you sure OSCE is part of the United Nations? The UN has several sites of their own for elections, but this certainly isn't one I have seen connected with the UN. On the other hand, this is still welcome news.

I don't see anything on their website yet though. Hope this is for real and they follow through with it. Knock on wood.

J.R. Boyd said...

Oops, no I read that wrong. OSCE is coming in lieu of UN observers. Good looking out, Sheryl!

Sheryl said...

I just hope if someone manages to rig the voting machines that we will at least get a responsible cartoon character out of it. Bill Watterson's Hobbes might make a good leader.

If Mickey Mouse wins, then I guess the Saudis will still be in control. :-(

TheRadicalModerate said...

Hey, don't count Mickey out yet! I'm old enough to remember Mickey getting a couple of delegate votes at the 1984 (1988?) DNC. Along with Sam Donaldson.

Sheryl said...

I didn't mean to suggest that Mickey Mouse wasn't a viable candidate. I only meant that he's been bought out by the Saudis, so if he won the election our democracy would be controlled by foreigners.

Besides, it's not like Mickey is the only mouse on the block.

Pinky might be a good choice. I only recall watching Pinky and the Brain once or twice, but if I recall correctly he is an intellectual mouse. They'd probably call him an ivory tower mouse and his chances would be shot.

But to be be blunt, I don't think that a mouse is a far enough departure from the rat currently in office.

TheRadicalModerate said...

Sheryl - That's because you're a liberal!

Sorry, couldn't resist that one either.

Hmm, Pinky as president.
Brain: Pinky! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Pinky: Gee, Brain, I think so, but if I become president won't that scare all the elephants?

Think about it.

Sheryl said...

Good point! Elephants do tend to have an aversion to mice. And probably more so to Pinky, who they would assume was a Pinky Commi. :-)

You've convinced me. If it comes down to cartoon characters, Pinky the mouse for President!!!

TheRadicalModerate said...

BTW, Sheryl, you win. There's no way I can top that.
"Pinky commie" - indeed!

Sheryl said...

I win?!!!! Awesome, I wasn't even running!!!!!

But then neither was Pinky. That's the beauty behind electronic voting. (Cackle, cackle.) ;-)