Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Sunshine Patriots

from The Village Voice

"I would have served if asked."

- John Ashcroft


Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

I know I keep quoting the 1971 Kerry testimony to Congress, but this reminds me of something Senator Claiborne Pell said in it that was interesting:

"It is interesting, speaking of veterans and speaking of statistics, that the press has never picked up and concentrated on quite interesting votes in the past. In those votes you find the majority of hawks, were usually nonveterans and the majority of doves were usually veterans. Specifically, of those who voted in favor of the Hatfield-McGovern end-the-war amendment in the last session of the Congress 79 percent were veterans with actual military service. Of those voting against the amendment, only 36 percent were veterans.

Now on the sponsors of the Cooper-Church amendment you will find very much the same statistics. Eighty-two percent were veterans as compared to 71 percent of the Senate as a whole being veterans. So I would hope what you are doing will have an effect on the Congress."

I wonder if this it's more because the people who think they are in a special class above the masses just avoid military and are happy to send the lowly peons to die, or if it's just that once you have been in the military you know what war is about and try to avoid it. Maybe a combination.

Sheryl said...

Yppy skippy--another two for the price of one posting!

TheRadicalModerate said...

He got what - seven deferments? I guess its not asking until the eighth time.